20 Questions to refocus and reflect

When you’re running a business, it can be incredibly easy to get lost in the immediate. All the pressing concerns, the deadlines, the financial woes. But taking a moment to stand still in the middle of all the chaos is incredibly important as it helps you identify the areas in which biases and heuristics are leading your decisions and focus astray. The below are a list of 20 questions we use to pause and reflect on where we are, where our business is and what steering is required to get us back on the path we’d like to be on.

  1. What can you see that others can’t?
  2. Have you found the right tribe?
  3. Does your tribe understand/relate to your message/goal?
  4. Are you selling yourself a lie or running around with blinkers on?
  5. Are you lacking creativity/imagination?
  6. Are you dreaming without foundations?
  7. What don’t you like about your business? 
  8. What once worked but no longer does since you’ve grown?
  9.  What about your business isn’t authentic and was simply borrowed from someone else or from external expectations and suggestions? 
  10. Are you trapped by things that simply aren’t true?
  11. What are you trying to control that doesn’t serve you?
  12. What are you fighting/resisting?
  13. Are you doing too many things at once?
  14. Are you unable to take a step back and assess?
  15. Have you got the right mentors/teachers?
  16. What problems do you keep encountering over and over?
  17. Are you turning a blind eye to ingrained biases? 
  18. Are you looking for a scapegoat/someone else to blame when things aren’t going well?
  19. What areas have you learned and grown the most and which ones hold the greatest opportunities for growth and improvement?
  20. What recent achievements are you most proud of and what recent challenges have you learned from the most?

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