Helping people out of survival mode

JTMH Consulting was formed on the foundations of 4 simple words:





It’s so easy to get hung up on the idea that a business is a cold, financially driven, product selling thing. But the truth is, businesses are almost as human as we are. Being run by and made up of people, a business under threat will act in the same way as the people that make it. And when feeling threatened, all that you want is someone to tell you how to get out of that mess. What you need are clear, easy to follow, proven strategies that can give you a roadmap and clarity or direction so you can put your mind at ease and refocus on what’s important.

We live at a point in time where the rate of change is so incredibly fast that our brains are starting to struggle to adapt and our businesses are struggling to keep up. But the more scared people get, the further behind they fall and the more they’ll struggle just to keep going.

At JTMH Consulting, we provide tailor made, simple strategies and solutions that help make change achievable!

We know the frustration of the endless search, the failed efforts and the desperate longing for somebody to reassure and guide us through the dark as we bravely venture into the unknown. We didn’t have anyone to guide us. We don’t want you to have to needlessly struggle like we did.

A UK based Training & Change Consultancy, we combine our knowledge of psychology and behavioural sciences with a wealth of experience in both self-development and business strategy. Providing help and resources for both individuals and businesses, our passion is helping you understand and overcome personal and business roadblocks steeped in human behaviour so that growth and transformation become easier to achieve.

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About our Director

With a passion for business and a fascination with understanding human behaviour and interaction, JTMH Consulting was created by Behavioural Scientist and Change Consultant Michelle Holsman. A once upon a time lawyer, Michelle brings experience working across a range of industries including consulting, property, FMCG and financial services. With a Masters of Behavioural Science from the London School of Economics, Michelle combines real-world business experience with the latest research from fields such as psychology, behavioural science and economics to create impactful, positive change for your business.