Top 5 reasons change initiatives fail

Whether you’re looking at an organisational/leadership/people change, a change to process or tools or even altering the product you offer, making changes in a company can be a costly exercise if you’re not careful. When it comes to changing what and how you do things in a business, the biggest challenge is rarely the actualContinue reading “Top 5 reasons change initiatives fail”

20 Questions to refocus and reflect

When you’re running a business, it can be incredibly easy to get lost in the immediate. All the pressing concerns, the deadlines, the financial woes. But taking a moment to stand still in the middle of all the chaos is incredibly important as it helps you identify the areas in which biases and heuristics areContinue reading “20 Questions to refocus and reflect”

Why it’s smart to be the dumb one

When you read the heading of this article, there’s every chance that your mind went somewhere calculated. There’s a great benefit to being perceived as simple, people underestimate you. In doing so, they become more willing to help you and become more carefree about their own actions as no warning system or alert is activatedContinue reading “Why it’s smart to be the dumb one”