Case studies

There’s a point where theory and practice have to intersect to get the impact and results you’re likely after. The below are a few examples of how we can help clients just like yourselves!

UK technology transformation programme

Design and implementation of change and training strategy

Working within the transformation team on a department wide transformation, we were embedded in this multi-national company to design and deliver a change strategy and staff training on a new mobile application and report writing software.

Safety Culture & Process Change

Design and implementation of change and training strategy

Both cultural and technological changes were introduced in this project to help encourage adoption of new process management software along with improving investment in continuous improvement and a proactive safety culture.

Training staff and clients in a new CRM

Design and facilitation of training

Working with the Director of this law firm, we helped find and implement a suitable CRM system, assisting in the transition of client files and the training of both staff and clients in Australia and Asia.

Curious about how we can help you?