Create the company culture you want!

We all want to work in an environment where we’re greeted with smiles, where it’s ok to admit that you don’t know what to do or that you made a mistake, where meetings are quick and only cover the necessary things and where you don’t feel obligated to sit at your desk or be seenContinue reading “Create the company culture you want!”

Are social contracts building or destroying your brand?

When it comes to business, it’s easy to get clinical or transactional. Especially if what you’re selling is a physical object and even more so if your bank balance is plunging into the red. You have product x, I want it and so I hand you over my hard earned money for it. This isContinue reading “Are social contracts building or destroying your brand?”

Running on autopilot – how reliable is system 1 thinking?

Ok, before you continue reading, I want you to ask yourself a question (and if possible, map it out in your mind): If I turned off all the lights in your house/office and you were desperate for the bathroom, would you know how to get there? Admittedly you might stumble a bit, perhaps bump intoContinue reading “Running on autopilot – how reliable is system 1 thinking?”