Consulting & Coaching

Corporate consulting

Corporate change is difficult, time consuming and costly. So the last thing you want is to invest and watch it fail. Our consultants bring experience in corporate training and transformational change to help you with a range of problems including:

  • Brand clarity and values alignment
  • Examining and overcoming barriers to change
  • Improving staff engagement and nurturing an environment of continuous improvement


Personal coaching

Our 1:1 coaching sessions help you work towards becoming your best self! From helping you understand and explore the narratives and trickers holding you back to helping you get clear on what you want to achieve and how to set tangible goals, we’re here to offer a guiding hand and supportive strategies so you can:

  • Understand what motivates and drives you
  • Explore narratives and behavioural biases that may be holding you back
  • Set and achieve goals that genuinely matter to you
  • Better engage with and form meaningful connections with people you may have struggled to communicate with in the past