Corporate Training

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Making learning fun!

With years of experience training all sorts of people in lots of different things, we’re familiar with the common problems faced by learners including:

  • Content that’s hard to follow and isn’t engaging
  • Timing of presentation not matching when you need the information
  • Tick the boxes training that doesn’t actually care whether the learner got anything out of it

When it comes to teaching, we do things differently!

Our training sessions are designed to be interactive and fun. This is because practice scenarios and play make the brain more receptive to learning new things that may otherwise appear scary or intimidating (leading to resistance). More importantly though, we want to make sure that whatever materials we present are actually going to benefit your company and the people who need them.

What training programs do we offer?

Behavioural science in business

Designed as one-off customisable workshops (typically for groups of up to 20), these sessions are designed to give your management or HR team insight into behavioural science research and strategies shown to help the people side of your business flourish.

Customisable topics include:

  • Employee engagement – communication, incentives
  • Decision making Choice architecture

To see the range of workshops currently scheduled, please click here

Teaching your staff how to teach more effectively

In addition to facilitating training ourselves, our years of experience both running training and studying learning styles and human behaviour means that we’re the perfect secret weapon to consult your existing training team as they design and plan training within your company.

  • Conduct training gap analysis and needs assessment to understand the level of detail likely required in training
  • Develop training strategies
  • Develop content across a range of different platforms and media (from infographics and checklists to videos and software overlay real-time training)
  • Run workshops
  • Identify and highlight key messages such as training objectives and the why behind the change

Struggling to get the message across?

Our training strategies will examine the knowledge gaps and how the product fits into your business before designing materials and sessions to help staff and customers embrace new processes and technologies.