It’s easy to think that a business is about selling a product or service. But that item is simply in the middle of a transaction between people. If the environment or culture your business creates doesn’t prioritise your employees and customers, it’s quite possible that your business may experience the following:

  • Lack of creativity and innovation caused by a lack of psychological safety, fear of consequence and groupthink
  • Lack of loyalty and investment where social contracts are broken resulting in poor customer loyalty (ie very low NPS), poor employee loyalty (high turnover rates) and low employee engagement or productivity.
  • Frequent, costly mistakes and adoption of inefficient processes as staff become reluctant to put forward suggestions for continuous improvement or to raise opportunities to help the company grow.

From understanding what customers want to better motivating and inspiring your teams, our people management services are designed to help you better interact with those involved in or with your business. Whether you’re struggling to gain the trust of your customers or the loyalty and investment of your staff, we can help!

Working with managers and leaders, we can help you:

  • Identify the best ways to motivate people and drive action looking at both temporary extrinsic motivators and longer term intrinsic motivators to encourage devotion to your business and willingness to change behaviours that better support how your business runs.
  • Better understand the social contracts you hold with your staff, customers and other stakeholders to encourage greater, longer lasting loyalty and investment in your company’s success.
  • Understand the group dynamics within different teams and how these influence decision making and innovation.
  • Build trust and a sense of safety in your staff and implement processes to encourage proactive involvement, ideation and creativity that help improve your business.