Ideation & Decision Making

Coming up with great ideas and making decisions that are beneficial long-term is harder than most people think. From nurturing a culture that promotes creativity and continuous improvement to understanding the limitations of group dynamics and biases in decision making, we can help you change the way you think so your business can get ahead.

Decision making

Believe it or not, decision making is both a science and an art.

With so many decisions to make in business, inefficiency, short-sightedness and lack of clarity can be harmful to your company’s prosperity as well as a drain on your time which could be better spent elsewhere.

We can help you:

  • Overcome procrastination and fear in decision making
  • Understand the different types of decisions and strategies to help encourage healthy decision making
  • The biases and heuristics that often lead to short-sighted, poorer outcomes
  • Your decision making risk profile and how this might change depending on the type of decision being made
  • Explore when and how to involve people in the decision making process, from delegation to expert opinions and joint decision makers

Nurturing creativity and innovative thinking

In many ways, good companies can resemble well oiled machines. But if they just keep doing what they always did, they’ll likely go the way of giants like Kodak, Blockbuster and Blackberry. Simply put, if you’re not adapting and moving, you’re stagnating which in an ever changing environment is a very dangerous thing.

Creativity and innovation are critical in helping a company to continuously grow and adapt. Without them, your company is probably facing problems like:

  • Struggling to keep up with direct competitors or being slow to respond to external prompts
  • Missing valuable opportunities to improve how your business runs or what you can offer to your customers
  • Staff who are less engaged in continuous improvement of processes or products

If you have the wrong group dynamics, a culture that’s too risk averse or process oriented or leaders intent on keeping things as they’ve always been, it’s quite likely that you’re letting some fantastic small tweaks slip through your fingers.

We can sit with you to:

  • Design strategies and facilitate workshops that re-inject creativity and excitement into your employees
  • Implement continuous improvement processes so staff are encouraged to share ideas and leadership are able to act upon these ideas
  • Conduct culture assessments to examine how and where your team shows creativity so that this can be harnessed and applied elsewhere

Goal setting and implementation

The combination of ideation and decision making, goal setting or strategic planning is often one of the most challenging decisions faced by companies. From the uncertainty of external variables to lack of clarity around the values underpinning your decisions, we can help you break things down and build an achievable roadmap that’s in line with what your company stands for and what your employees and customers expect of you.

We can help you to:

  • Clarify your company’s values and direction
  • Design a framework that helps incorporate your company values into all aspects of goal setting and strategic planning
  • Design your goals and strategies to be clear and easier to achieve

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