Our approach

When your back is up against a wall, when you feel like everyone is out to get you and all you can see is your financials dropping further and further into the red, you often find yourself saying this:

Just tell me how to make the problem go away!!!

Fortunately for you, that’s exactly what the JTMH stands for (seriously, just look at the line above)!

We understand that when you’re in a panic it can be hard to think straight, let alone plan effectively for the future or deal with any problems that seem less urgent. For this reason, our business is dedicated to identifying and addressing the causes of this stressful state so that you can get back to running your business the way you’d always intended.

The 3 Ps

The 3 Ps are the pillars which collectively are responsible for almost all problems within a business:




At JTMH Consulting, we focus on the third pillar: the people.

Although they are not technically living creatures, businesses take on human problems because of the people that make them. For this reason, like humans, businesses are always trying to create an environment that is ideal for growth. They like things to be comfortable, for opportunities to be presented only as and when desired, for threats to be pre-empted and mitigated. Tilt too far into a state of discomfort and uncertainty and our less rational human tendencies start to take control, steering the business off course.

Backed into a corner and left feeling threatened, a business will act in the same manner as a person subjected to chronic stress. From biases and heuristics to group think, falling victim to your own fears and narratives and squashing your creativity and curiosity, this state of Survival mode is responsible for many of the people problems underpinning underperforming and struggling businesses.

Our passion is understanding how businesses behave when in survival mode and what can be done to help them and the people that form them. Merging years of commercial experience and understanding with the technical foundations of behavioural science, we created a three stage process to create long lasting, beneficial impact to ease your business out of a state of surviving into one where it is thriving!

What is our approach?

Step 1: Discovery

Whether simply providing you with the tools and frameworks to do it yourself or engaging us as consultants to do the groundwork for you, the first step in ensuring meaningful change is identifying what’s stopped you until now. Our comprehensive set of resources can paint a picture of the ways in which your company is trapped in survival mode by identifying:

  • The narratives and fears that make people apprehensive
  • The environmental triggers that set people off
  • Your company culture/group and stakeholder dynamics
  • Your company’s risk preferences
  • How open you and your staff are to change

Step 2: Putting out the fire

Before people can be open to change, it’s important to address the panic and take away the power that this state of survival has over your business.

Ways in which we achieve this include:

  • Creating an environment where it becomes safe to take risks, learn and experiment
  • Creating structure, familiarity and certainty to reduce the fear of the unknown when implementing new changes
  • Building strategies and implementation plans

Step 3: Creating long lasting impact

Once the immediate threats have been dealt with, many companies become complacent. They think that simply putting a new process out there is enough to change the outcome. But without gradually shifting the perspective and outlook of staff, the intrinsic motivations encouraging them to adopt the changes and the environmental shifts that keep nudging them forward, much of the hard work falls flat soon after a project is checked off as completed. Our approach to driving long lasting positive change is heavily entrenched in the fundamentals of behavioural science, specifically incentives, motivation and habit formation. This ensures that even long after we’ve disappeared, the short term changes you saw in your company will continue to progress and evolve.