Survival mode

How do you cope when stressed?

Whether you perceive it as always good, always bad or something in between, stress is part of daily life. When faced with danger, it activates a state of ‘survival mode’ which can when working well, absolutely save your life.

But in modern life, survival mode often gets out of hand. We lash out at people trying to help us, run away to other realities to escape the pain and find all manner of ways to self-sabotage.

This book will show you why it doesn’t need to be that way.

In this journey from good to bad and then to breakthrough, we’ll look at the many different ways survival mode can appear in your life and provide you with a range of tools and strategies to help you break through the negative so that you can get back to living your life as you intended!


To read an excerpt from the book, click through the pages below: