The three elements of effective persuasion

The easier your message is to read, understand, and remember, the more convincing it will be – Daniel Kahneman You’ve spent hours carefully pulling together information that can explain an outcome. The intention is to bring the rest of the team onside with your idea. You have your graphs, your list of citations, your 30Continue reading “The three elements of effective persuasion”

What psychological or social contracts are you bound by?

The first thing you learn as a law student studying contract law is that there are four elements that make up a contract: Offer, acceptance, consideration and intention. In essence, you need to show you want to enter into the agreement, give something up to show you’re serious and have a clear understanding between theContinue reading “What psychological or social contracts are you bound by?”

5 ways to reduce procrastination in a post-COVID working world

How often do you find yourself having one of those days where you feel like you’ve been really busy the entire time but on reflection, you haven’t actually accomplished very much? Distractions can come in many forms. From looking at your inbox because a new email alert popped up to thinking about what to cookContinue reading “5 ways to reduce procrastination in a post-COVID working world”