Top 5 reasons change initiatives fail

Whether you’re looking at an organisational/leadership/people change, a change to process or tools or even altering the product you offer, making changes in a company can be a costly exercise if you’re not careful. When it comes to changing what and how you do things in a business, the biggest challenge is rarely the actualContinue reading “Top 5 reasons change initiatives fail”

The bad egg: the problem of changing group dynamics

Some of the best teachers around will tell you that there are no bad students, just misunderstood ones. Unfortunately, left unaddressed, these bad eggs wander through life reeking havoc on all those around them. In being social animals, belonging to our tribe is an incredibly important thing. We know that the people we socialise withContinue reading “The bad egg: the problem of changing group dynamics”

Why the carrot/stick approach no longer works in business

Late to the party I know, but I recently watched a TED talk by Dan Pink on motivation and couldn’t resist summarising. In essence, the presentation looked at different ways businesses attempt to motivate their staff, specifically focusing on the effects of a carrot/stick approach. Examining what was originally dubbed the candle problem (thumb tacks in/next to aContinue reading “Why the carrot/stick approach no longer works in business”