Just Tell Me How to improve my life!

Don’t let narratives and fear hold you back!

Improving your life is easier than you think! Let us show you how!

Whether you’re struggling with a roadblock or simply want something more from your relationships and how you live your life, we’re here to help! Our focus is on providing you with strategies for overcoming self-limiting beliefs and narratives, fears and the corresponding coping mechanisms.


Trying to identify your own faults is like staring in a mirror expecting to see the back of your head. That’s why psychologists, behavioural scientists and life coaches exist. We’re here to help you identify and overcome the narratives and structures holding you back!


Whether you’re after a tailored session or just want to learn something new, our training program and online workshops and webinars are sure to empower you with new skills and ideas to test and apply to get your life progressing in the direction you want!


Once you’ve worked out what you need, it’s important to test and apply your skills. Our online resources are designed to help you with exactly that! From e-books to worksheets and checklists and even quizzes and freebees, our online tools are here to help you implement change!

Common problems we can help with include

Communication breakdowns
  • Understand different communication styles and how you interact with them
  • Learn about your preferred style of communication
  • Uncover your attack style when stressed or overwhelmed
Resistance to change & lack of commitment
  • Learn how to make clear, achievable goals
  • Discover the power of perspective
  • Understand what motivates or holds you back when it comes to embracing change and achieving goals
Poor decision making
  • Discover your decision making style
  • Get clear on the values underlying your decisions
  • Uncover the biases and heuristics making you choose poorly