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We love to teach! Not only because it’s a great way to share information but because it’s fun to learn new things! Our workshops and webinars are carefully crafted and cover some of our favourite topics packed full of useful tips and exercises to help your business thrive!

Because of COVID-19, we’ve moved all of our workshops and training online! Currently hosted on zoom, sessions are capped at 15 people to ensure we give every participant the opportunity to ask questions and engage with the materials.

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In this taster webinar based on our upcoming book, we look at some of the most common ways that stress and Survival Mode can harm you and your business!

Topics covered include:

*Becoming familiar with common situations in which people get triggered into Survival mode

*3 go to coping mechanisms people turn to when they’re struggling

*Easy to use techniques and strategies to help you better manage bad stress and anxiety so you can make better decisions

Learn the basics of behavioural science, the study of how and why we act the way we do and how minor changes can drastically influence what we do next!

Topics covered include:

*What is behavioural science and how it can help you make changes more effectively

*Understanding the different thought processes in your mind and how they rely on biases and heuristics

*The importance of your environment in influencing behaviour

We all get triggered by certain events and the stories they make us tell ourselves. Make the changes you want by learning about some of the most common triggers and narratives so that you stop letting them hold you back!

Topics covered include:

*Common situations in daily life that can set people spiralling

*The 3 types of narratives that hold us back when we want to move forward

*Strategies for recognising and moving past problem areas

The older we get, the more we come to realise time is the most precious resource we have. Unfortunately, most of us are terrible at investing our time well.

Topics covered include:

*How we perceive time and why it’s often different to what we think

*Identifying time creep problems

*How to get into the zone faster and use your time more effectively

*Improving your time habit hygiene so you can take back wasted time

*When too much time efficiency can do more harm than good

Become more comfortable with the chaos and resilient in the face of uncertainty so that it becomes an opportunity to thrive while others run and hide!

Topics covered include:

*Using Creativity & play to create in the chaos

*Implementing structure in an unstructured world

*Strategies to help you stop self-sabotage

Stop feeling like you’re talking to a brick wall and make sure that what you have to say is being heard and understood the way you want it to!

Topics covered include:

*The RATE rule of messaging

*How to find the right messenger for what you want to say

*Identifying the most effective way to convey information so that those around you become more receptive to it

Give your communication skills an upgrade with this intensive workshop on all things interaction.

Topics covered include:

*What’s required for clear and confident communication

*Understanding different styles of communication and communicating with different personality types

*Exploring different styles of communication such as conveying ideas through presentation, negotiation and discussion

We underestimate our future abilities and overestimate our successes. So how do we overcome the self sabotage? This course will show you just that!

Topics covered include:

*Understanding present bias and how we see our future selves

*Nudges, habit hacks and other behavioural science techniques to help you future proof your today

*Getting clear on your why and the values driving your helpful or hindering behaviours

Stop second guessing yourself or making poor, biased decisions and setting goals you can’t possibly achieve. Take practical, easy steps to improve the way you make decisions and set goals now!

Topics covered include:

*Different approaches to decision making

*Breaking down goals into something achievable

*Getting clear on values and understanding the blocks and triggers trying to hold you back

Get clear on what’s driving your behaviour and whether your underlying motivation is one that’s long lasting or only temporary!

Topics covered include:

*Determining if your actions are driven by fear

*Understanding different motivators, their effectiveness and limitations

Finding balance is no easy feat but keeping steady footing in an ever changing environment is incredibly important!

Topics covered include:

*How different parts of your life interact with each other

*Balancing extremes

*The battle between give and take and other common tensions

From different people to different situations, context matters when you’re trying to influence or understand behaviour in yourself, your customers

Topics covered include:

*How to shape your experiments and initiatives based on your environment and audience

*Learn how to interpret information effectively (and how to get the right information)

*Understand how to use your environment to your advantage

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