Taking your business from surviving to thriving!

Does your company struggle with

Resistance to change

Lack of creativity and innovation

Unmotivated staff or disloyal customers

Did you know that as few as 27% of transformation initiatives are successful?*

Did you know that an unhealthy company culture commonly results in groupthink, lack of innovation/creativity and high turnover rates?

Did you know that a company under constant stress is likely to make decisions which are overly risk averse, shortsighted and easily influenced?

Don’t let your business fall into these traps!

We can help!

JTMH Consulting are corporate change specialists with a holistic approach to helping businesses embrace change. Intent on providing clear, easy to use frameworks that create long-term impact, we work with you to overcome the psychological and behavioural barriers in your business so your business can go from surviving to thriving!

Areas of expertise

Embracing Change

Whether you’re implementing a new transformation project, integrating staff after a merger or trying to make important decisions, removing the psychological barriers to change is critical to long lasting success!

Strategic Decision Making

Expand your thinking! From harnessing the great ideas bubbling in your employees brains to understanding your biases and patterns and developing new decision making strategies, we can help.

Improving Engagement

From looking after employees to better connecting with customers, we help you understand the social contracts, motivations and incentives that can help you drive positive engagement.

Our holistic approach to change can be broken down into three service areas:


Consulting and strategic planning

Our consulting services allow us to become part of your company to directly identify the people problems holding your business back. We then work with you to develop strategies for long-term positive impact.


Training & workshop facilitation

With courses on topics including engaging effectively, improving decision making and thriving in uncertainty, our workshops focus on the human side of business. From introductory online courses to customised training programs and workshops, our approach to training is designed to be fun, engaging and interactive!


Online resources & workbooks

Whether you’re after templates, tips or guides to follow, our online resources have you covered! From books and articles to template documents and even quizzes, you’ll find a range of resources to help your company thrive!

Reach out today!

Whether you’re after customised help or want to know more about our online resources or training, we’re always happy to chat!

*Research by BCG Institute based on a study of 700 companies examining whether they both sustainably accelerate growth and outperform in creating shareholder value.

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