The ultimate goal – lessons learned along the way

Ray Dalio by conventional standards is a very successful man. However, rather than the empire that he built or the money that he made, the thing I admire him for is that he like many others approaching later chapters in life has approached the point of wanting to give back. And what he’s giving back is knowledge that despite my being quite a lot younger, resonates deeply both with what I’ve come to learn through personal life experience and from teachings I’ve encountered along the way.

If you ask me why I created this company, my answer is simple. I wanted to share what I’d learned. Not to boost my own ego but because I struggled to find the answers. And when I found them, it often took lessons taught by life itself for me to truly understand. This is where my frustration came from, I often found myself muttering Just Tell Me How because no matter where I looked, nobody had the steps or the answers. What I came to realise over time is that nobody has all the answers. Even the content I provide both here and in my other site is capable only of providing you with tools. But the more people that use them, the greater our understanding of how they can be applied. And for that, I’m eternally grateful to every person who has willingly given it a go and especially those who have shared their own findings. Being notorious for forgetting things quicker than a rabbit delving back into its burrow as a fox gives chase, I’ve been forced to write down my lessons over the years so that I can put them into practice. I may not have nearly as much life experience but I refuse to wait until I’m near the end of this journey to start sharing what I’ve learned. So if you’re interested and in case any of my discoveries resonate with you, please feel free to peruse by clicking here.

Life is not easy. It will challenge and push you and you will always be given the option to take the easy way out or to pursue growth. And in the process, you can choose to learn a lesson or turn a blind eye. But the more people brave enough to embrace their challenges, to test new theories and continue to explore, the greater the positive change we can have on other people and more widely on our world. So if you share my passion for wanting to explore, to empower and to learn, please get in touch, I genuinely would love to hear from you!

And in the meantime, because I think it’s one of the most brilliant, concise summaries of many of the principles I’ve come to recognise as truths, do yourselves a favour and set aside 30 minutes to watch the below video. It really is a gift from someone who has learned from life.


Your fellow adventurer,


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